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Information Technology Program Coordinator & Instructor for North Dakota Governor's School, January 2009 - Present
Review and approve student applications, prepare budgets, schedules, conduct curriculum reviews and hire/evaluate staff for the Information Technology program of the North Dakota Governor's School, an intensive six-week program for talented and gifted high school students. Instructing includes an intensive, six-week course in general Computer Science topics to talented high school students. Topics covered HTML, CGI & JavaScript programming, a history of the Internet, relational databases, basic computer system architecture, research, and presentations.
Owner/Operator of Empyreal Technologies, June 1998 - Present.
Information Technology Coordinator, Packet Digital, LLC., September 2007 - September 2011
Information technology coordinator for an electrical engineering start-up company, managing all IT aspects for the company. Responsibilities include IT planning, growth and capacity infrastructure planning, server systems administration, staff IT training, backup administration, desktop administration, database administration, revision control system administration, license manager administration, web updates & programming, telephone switch administration, hardware management (purchasing & inventory), network management (WAN, LAN, firewalls, DNS, and physical wiring), and other technical skills, as required. Operating Systems: RedHat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, SUSE, Ubuntu, Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/7. Database Systems: MySQL. Languages: Perl, bash, PHP, & Python. Revision control systems: CVS, Subversion, & Mercurial. Software: Mentor Engineering suite, Cadence Engineering suite, Matlab.
UNIX Systems Administrator/DBA for the North Dakota State University Libraries, September 1998 - August 2007
UNIX Systems Administration and programming for the NDSU Libraries and NDSU Archives/Regional Studies. Responsibilities include server systems administration, database administration, database application design and programming, management of the NDSU Libraries Web server, consulting for various problems in technology, supervision for web and student personnel, and strategic planning for systems upgrades and stability. Operating Systems: Solaris. SCO OpenServer. Linux (Slackware, Mandrake, SUSE, & Debian), Mac OSX, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, and Novell Netware 5. Languages: Perl, UNIX Shell (Bash/Ksh), Tcl/Tk, Java, C, C++, and MPIch. Databases: MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
Assistant UNIX Systems Administrator/DBA for the North Dakota University System (NDUS), Information Technology Services (ITS), June 1993 - June 1998
UNIX System Administration and programming for a variety of platforms and operating systems used by state associated higher education schools. Responsibilities include programming a range of applications in Perl (databases, client-server apps, administrative tools, CGIs, etc.), Security, Gopher and Web administration, and consulting for faculty, staff, and students on a wide range of UNIX related topics. Operating Systems: IRIX, AIX, Solaris, SunOS, Digital UNIX, Mach (from NeXT), Linux, and FreeBSD. Languages: Perl, UNIX Shell (Bash/Ksh), C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Modula2, and BASIC. Databases: MySQL, mSQL, and Oracle.


Master of Science in Computer Science, North Dakota State University, May 2009.
Thesis Title: "Web-Based Factorial Experiment Testing System (FETS)",
CGPA: 4.0 - Transcript information is available online or by request for my graduate studies.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, North Dakota State University, May 1998.
CGPA: 2.9 - Transcript information is available online or by request for my undergraduate studies.
North Dakota Governor's School, June-July 1990
Participated in North Dakota G.S. for talented and gifted high school students, Mathematics section. Six week program where skills in Computer Science, Math Theory, and Statistics are enhanced and encouraged to develop.


"A Web-Based Factorial Experiment Testing System (FETS): A Pilot Study", November 2009
Nem W. Schlecht, Dr. Brian M. Slator & Dr. Phillip McClean, Proceedings, 12th Annual IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE), November 22-24, 2009.
"Podcasting is Yummy!", October 2009
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"Usage of a Web-Based Factorial Experiment Testing System (FETS)", April 2009
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"Web-Based Factorial Experiment Testing System (FETS)", February 2009
North Dakota State University, Master's of Science in Computer Science, Graduate Thesis. Advisor: Dr. Brian M. Slator.
"Podcasting", March 2008
Social Media in Higher Education Conference, North Dakota State University, March 18, 2008.
"University Podcasting", October & November 2006
Organized and presented at a 4-week event on podcasting in a University environment. Topics included general podcasting, faculty and student involvement, recording tips, audio editing, and pedagogical enhancement strategies.
"Podcasting Workshop: Course Content, Teacher as Podcaster, Podcasting as Assignment", April 2006
Guest speaker at the Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference, Spring 2006 session, hosted at North Dakota State University, with Dr. Kevin Brooks of the NDSU English Department, April 8, 2006.
"Packet Stream Reconstructor (PSR): A Network Security Tool", April 2005
Proceedings, 38th Annual Midwest Instructional and Computing Symposium, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, April 8-9, 2005.
"Integrating Perl and MySQL: Relational Rubbish Listing", UNIX Review, September 2000
Authored article on using and integrating Perl and MySQL, for a UNIX Systems Administration audience.
"A Low-Cost Library Database Solution", March 2000
Mark England, Lura Joseph, & Nem W. Schlecht, Information Technology and Libraries, p. 46. V. 19, March 2000
"Web and Database Integration for the Delivery of Dynamic Information (on a Budget)", April 1998
Proceedings, 31st Annual Small College Computing Symposium, North Dakota State University, April 16-18, 1998.
"Development of Daily Homework and Quiz Manager (D.H.Q.M.) for Enhancing Teaching/Learning in Large Classes", April 1998
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"Computerized Assessment Technique For Large Classes", April 1998
Dr. Sudhir I. Mehta and Nem W. Schlecht, A special issue on assessment, Journal of Engineering Education, pp. 167-172, Vol. 87, No. 2, April 1998.


May 2007 - Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society
Inducted into the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society for academic achievements as a Computer Science Graduate student at NDSU.
April 2007 - Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi honor society for an excellent grade point average as a graduate student at NDSU.
April 2007 - Mary McCannel Gunkelman Nominee
Nominated as a staff member who has made the most significant and unselfish contribution to a happy environment at NDSU.
April 1998 - Distinguished Service Award (NDSU College of Science and Math)
During the Fargo 1997 flood, part of the NDSU Fargo Flood Team, March-May 1997, which created the NDSU Fargo Flood Homepage. Developed the graphical river level gage, graphs to view trends in the river level, and a movie of the images taken from the "Flood Cam". Also received the River Keeper's Public Service Award for the same work.


June 2000 - Present, North Dakota Governor's School Advisory Board Member
Committee to promote, enhance, and supervise the North Dakota Governor's School program, including program additions and modifications, marketing ideas, and program policies.
March, April; 2001 - Present, Science Fair Judge
Volunteer Judge for the North Dakota South-East Regional and N. D. State Science and Engineering Fairs. Judged science and engineering projects by high school and junior high students in North Dakota and helped to rank the projects and assign various awards.
April 2002 - Present, Science Olympiad Scorekeeper
Volunteer for the North Dakota Science Olympiad. First as a judge in an event, and later as the official scorekeeper. Developed an online management system for score verification and tracking.
October 2000 - 2002, President of the North Dakota Governor's School Alumni Association
Organize the Executive Council and Association meetings. Keep the organization in good standing with it's members and the State of North Dakota. A non-profit organization to promote the North Dakota Governor's School and help alumni keep in touch and explore educational opportunities. Election to this position gains a permanent seat on the North Dakota Governor's School Planning Council.
October 2000 - September 2005, North Dakota State University Computer and Information Technology Planning and Goals (CITPG) University Senate Committee
Represent the NDSU Library at weekly meetings on computing technology and technology planning, concerning the NDSU campus and the campus' role in the North Dakota Higher Education Computing Network.
May 2000 - May 2001, North Dakota State University Staff Senate, Staff Senate Executive Council
Attended Staff Senate meetings as an Admin/Managerial/Professional representative. Elected to the Staff Senate Executive Council (Member at Large), Chair of the Staff Senate By-Laws committee, Member of the Administrative Computing committee. During this year of service, tuition waivers for family members of staff and faculty was lobbied for and obtained from the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education.
August 1999 - 2003, North Dakota State University Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) University Senate Committee
Adjunct member of the TEL committee, helping to plan, promote, and develop programs and plans to support NDSU faculty in distance education endeavors.
October 1999 - June 2001, International Conference on Intelligent Multimedia and Distance Education (ICIMADE) Program Committee
Helped to plan, promote, and organize an international conference on multimedia and distance education technologies held the summer of 2001 at NDSU.