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Contact Information:
Nem W. Schlecht, Owner
  1435 7th Ave S
  Fargo, ND 58103-2525

Phone: (701)306-5101
Home: (701)237-6733
Currently, most services are on-site only, serving Fargo/Moorhead and the surrounding area.

Rates are reasonable and negotiable (typically in the $50-$150 per hour range).

Current service offerings:
  • Solaris System Administration and Installation
  • IRIX System Administration and Installation
  • AIX System Administration and Installation
  • Linux System Administration and Installation
  • MySQL Administration/Design
  • Perl Development/Consulting
  • Web Graphics Design
  • B.S. in Computer Science (NDSU, 1998)
  • M.S. in Computer Science (NDSU, 2008)
  • 16 years of UNIX Systems Administration experience
  • 11 years of MySQL Administration/Design
  • Up to date on most major UNIX platforms
  • LinkedIn
Standard services
    All operating system installation materials, such as CDROMs or Tapes must be provided by customers. They must also have proper documentation showing that they have properly purchased and/or licensed such materials.

  • Solaris O.S. Installation: (6 hrs)
  • IRIX O.S. Installation: (6 hrs)
  • AIX O.S. Installation: (7 hrs)
  • Linux O.S. Installation: (6 hrs)

  • Basic Service pack: (10 hrs)
  • Extended Service pack: (20 hrs)
  • Enterprise Service pack: (100 hrs)
Regular and educational customers will receive up to a 33% discount!

All prices are negotiable.

Standard programming & design prices
  • Project Time Estimates: Free (First 3 hours)
  • Basic Design (No minimum)
    Basic Programming (20 hours min.)
  • Enterprise Design: (100 hours min.)
Regular and educational customers will receive up to a 33% discount!

All prices are negotiable.

Personal Stuff:

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