Copyright 1997 by:
Nem W. Schlecht

Digital SGI RGB (645x481)
Cost: Not Yet Determined
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This one pretty much screams "copyright violation". I don't remember which magazine cover it was, but this is actually just a picture of Gillian Anderson licking David Duchovny (both from The X-Files). It's just rotated, blurred, and slightly de-saturated. However, if you don't know what it is, it really throws you for a loop. The tongue actually looks rather penile. David D.'s eye is undisguishable as really anything. I think the only givaway is Gillian A.'s tooth and upper lip. I did this one mainly for the shock value that I knew it would give. The title and the piece have absolutely nothing to do with sex or rape or anything like that.

Innerth Innerth Bad Cat Bad Cat

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