Copyright © 1997 by:
Nem W. Schlecht

Digital SGI RGB (733x515)
Cost: Not Yet Determined
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Ahh.. this is my first "real" piece. (ie. I did it on my own without any relation to a class of some sort). This past summer (1997), I purchased my first decent camera because I was running out of source images and knew I would soon need something more to work with. This is actually just a picture of the top of a stairwell (turned upside down). The picture was developed into color, but I scanned it in b/w, which is ten times better my opinion. I'm trying to relay the feeling of being trapped in a some sort of situation with this piece, with any thoughts of forward progress being turned into further regression.

Hand of Man Hand of Man Blut Schändung Blut Schändung

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