Copyright 1997 by:
Nem W. Schlecht

Digital SGI RGB (347x442)
Cost: Not Yet Determined
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The woman show in this piece is my (now ex-) girlfriend. The photo and piece were done before we started seeing each other (actually I used the fact that I was working on it to talk to her). I want to actually give the impression that the title "Contemplation" represents the look on her face and that she is contemplating something. It's actually the other way around. I'm contemplating her. She is actually looking off to the left, but by inversing colors, I've made it look like she is looking towards the camera, and thus me. The bubbles or spheres of inverse color represent my knowing that she is a dynamic person, but that I also needed to learn more about her. I really like the fact that her face and her jacket are complimentary. The inverse parts of her flesh look like they may be part of her jacket and the inverse parts of her jacket look like flesh. This, again, is a reflection of the difference of what I know about her by what is visible and that I needed to get to know the hidden parts.

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