Digital SGI RGB (500x500)
Cost: Not Yet Determined
Artist's Interpretation

Copyright 1997 by:
Nem W. Schlecht

Human Race Human Race Viewpoints Viewpoints

7 comment(s):

can you give us hint about the symbolism or meaning of this image?
July 10, 2004

Sure, do whatever you want with it. ;-)

- Nem
April 11, 2004

am i allowed to use this picture on my site? like, as a background or just picture or anything?
April 11, 2004

December 29, 2003

Yup, I'm both the artist and owner. :-)

- Nem
December 25, 2003

I was just wondering, is the owner of this site also the artist?

December 24, 2003

What an amazing picture

December 24, 2003

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