Digital SGI RGB (550x550)
Cost: Not Yet Determined
Artist's Interpretation

Copyright 1997 by:
Nem W. Schlecht

Degree Degree Seemless Seemless

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oopppsss!!! well what can i say,, its kida weirdo for me maybe i just dont get what it says cause maybe not i'm nothing compare to all gifted child!!!
Geniouses contributed a lot in our field right now so i have nothing to say instead of saying thank to all of them, cause they make easy for us to do a lot of things right now!!!

But i'm just curious-> is that Einstein??? i can't figure out eh!!!???
October 03, 2005

it is inspiring
March 15, 2005

picture is nonrepresentative of the mind of genius. Was only a genius to those who did not understand simplicty. Children have his "genius" and learn to think in different "relative" terms. Four heads, two up, two upside-down beloweshows too much corrupted thought. E=mc2 is only the basic of his "relativity" and is the only way to express his genius. Much more and much less than what and who he was. It, in my opinion, is the only proper way to express his simple yet misunderstood view of what is the only truth.
February 27, 2005

time itself is a 100% fact other wise existance the universe and al would be invoid in an empty navada sout of way
January 22, 2004

the possibilty that time is not time at all but just another lie to the brain spawns doubt in the soul and the horrible reality that the truth is also a lie conquers unthinkable mutant realizations
January 15, 2004

this is one of the awesomest pieces of work I've seen in years, and I do visit a lot of sites.
December 27, 2003

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